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Willich Kids Bridge Supervised Family Visitation Center

Kids Bridge provides a safe, neutral, home-like setting for the continuation of family relationships during times of separation due to issues such as divorce, domestic violence, and abuse allegations. Prior to its existence, children and families in crisis did not have a safe haven in which to heal. Parents did not have a safe place to participate in court-ordered supervised visits with their children. Often, children caught in the middle of hostile custody battles were forced to be exchanged in fast food or school parking lots, which often led to arguments or confrontations. Kids Bridge has changed all of that.


Helping Heroes at Home Foundation

This foundation is dedicated to raising awareness of immediate needs of local Heroes—military or otherwise—following injury, loss, or adversity.

We identify these Heroes, and awards are given to assist in their recovery or development. The resources utilized for this purpose are obtained through local cultivation events, fundraisers, and donations.


St.Augustine Community School of Performing Arts

St. Augustine Community School of Performing Arts (SACSPA) is a not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) academy that provides affordable, quality arts education to the St. Augustine community. Their goal is to provide musical education and involvement for the children and adults of St. Augustine, Florida.

Our mission is to find and nurture the spirit of creativity and talent that lies within everyone.

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